Forum Title: Bathroom faucet adapter leak
I am using an adapter on a bathroom sink faucet to connect to a clothes washer supply line. I wrapped the threads with teflon going around about four times. The connection still leaks. Any ideas how to stop the adapter from leaking? The connection to the washer hose is fine.
Category: Plumber Post By: RAMON SANTIAGO (Lancaster, PA), 05/24/2016

should be a washer inbetween the adapter and the faucet. if it is still there, if you tighten the adapter to tight you will cut the washer misshapen the washer either way, it will leak, you should not need tape or dope on those threads pipe threads get pipe dope threads with o rings or gaskets rely on the o ring or gasket pipe dope not needed

- CONNIE REYNOLDS (Newton, MA), 09/18/2017

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