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I've browsed the forum for a bit, this is my first post. I greatly appreciate any help. I'm located in Pittsburgh PA. I'm in the middle of doing a complete home renovation - that wasn't the original intent, but that is what we decided after pulling down a few walls and seeing the mess that was there. The plumbing was all cast iron. There were multiple cracks where the main stack was leaking and oozing. We had 2 plumbers give us quotes - one was highly recommended company, licensed and all reviews were positive. The other was recommendation from a friend, the guy just started out on his own (worked for a big firm before) and came with a good review from the friend. Both estimates came in around $9k - way over budget for us, that is just the reality. So, I'm tackling this project myself and hoping that some of the more experienced here can help me do it right. I have spent a lot of time reading, trying to understand the code, but there seems to be just as much bad information as there is good. That said, I have attached some pictures of my "rough in" - nothing is cemented yet. The closet (3" pipe) is 4' on center from the main vertical stack. There is 5', measured on center following the pipe. The Y will be used for the shower drain (2" pipe). The blue tape and X shows the location of the shower drain. The second floor has taped in fittings in the photo for the sink drain and the vent. Questions: - Is there a way to vent the closet? Being less than 5' to the main, is this acceptable under code without a vent? The drop is more than the diameter of the pipe when it gets to the Y. - What would be the best method to vent the shower - that run is very short. - For the sink vent connecting into the main stack, can the sanitary t be used for the vent? Should it also be used for the drain or should I use y's for both? Is it oriented in the correct direction? - I have a test tee (not pictured) used at the base of the stack in the basement, 18" above the slab. I used a test t rather than a clean out because of space constraints. The code references I saw, seemed to indicate this is acceptable, is that correct? I know there is a lot - I greatly appreciate any help. Thanks, Colin
Category: Plumber Post By: AMBER WILLIAMSON (Milford, CT), 01/26/2016

st and 45 is he same as a long sweep,

- SAMANTHA VALDEZ (Glendale, CA), 09/06/2017

frodo, You suggest two 45's in place of the present 90 shown on the photo. Will this allow the curvature to flow better with less change of clogging? Use two 45's with a short connector piece or one 45 and a street 45? Would a long sweep 90 serve the same purpose?

- JACKIE HAYNES (Rock Island, IL), 10/09/2017

I help out on upc code jobs, one of the ipc code plumbers will be along

- THEODORE SIMS (Troy, MI), 10/11/2017

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