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New Construction: I will have a hot water tank with a run to the first sink in a master bath only 10 or 12 feet away from the tank (including the vertical drop down from the top of the water heater). This run will continue on to a shower at the end for a total run of say 25 feet. Just above the tank is a full bath. Can not do much better than that. Then I need to get hot water to the other end of the house for a kitchen, laundry, 1/2 bath, and another full bath. The line / lines to all but the 1/2 bath will be about 50 feet, 1/2 bath more like 30+ Obviously, there is going to be cold water in that 50 feet. I don't like the wasted energy of the recirculating technologies. That waste is huge. Are there any other logical, reasonably inexpensive options to help reduce the delay for hot water? I might be able to get a small 5 gallon, 15 gallon storage heating tank in the crawlspace under the area in question making the run to the fixtures more like 20 feet and run the hot water from the main tank into that tank. Seems a bit stupid to have 15 gallon tank running just to avoid 30 feet of cold water in the line proceeding the small tank. Would it make sense to put a small instant / tankless heater 30 feet from the main tank and tee off from there to the fixtures in question. I would think I could again run the HOT water from the main tank through this device so that it basically would only need to heat that first 30 feet of water before hot water from the main tank reached it and the unit would then stop heating the water. I don't know if running hot water through the tankless would hurt the unit or not, or if there are other issues with this plan. Thoughts. Or if I don't want to waste the energy on a recirculator should I just accept the inconvenience and wasted water / wasted energy of leaving hot water in the long run (I understand that is a waste as well, but not as much as trying to keep hot water in that pipe at all times) Thoughts
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There is a thermostat in the black attachment which gets mounted at the far away sink. There are no wires except for the 120v plug that the pump plugs into. It will allow hot water to be pushed into the cold water pipe, but only until it hits 98 degrees. It use to take nearly 5 minutes for my back shower to get hot enough to step inside, and now that time has been dropped to about 7 seconds. Living in California, the price for water is more than electricity and gas combined, and the local municipalities are not on my back for increased water usage. It took about a week to fine tune the timer to suit our personal needs. I have it turn on in the early morning for showers, again will turn on about dinner time for doing dishes, and then turn on at bed time for face washing, etc. You secure the pump to the hot water pipe (exit) on the water heater, plug it in, then attach the cold water and hot water supply lines at the far away sink into the black attachment, then use their stainless fittings from the black attachment into your hot and cold water feeds at the sink. Easy peasy, about 10 minute total time installation.

- BRENDA YOUNG (Rochester, NY), 09/06/2017 Here is what I just installed. My faucets are now instant hot, and the cost is just a few cents a day for the electricity. I give it a two thumbs up.

- PEDRO VALDEZ (Kent, WA), 10/12/2017

Explain if you would. You install the pump at the water heater and a sensor at the distant tap? Is the sensor wireless or do you need to drill holes and run wires? Were is the sensor attached (to the braided supply line)? What have you found to be a convenient time schedule to run the pump (breakfast / dinner ??) How do you know it only costs pennys a day? Obviously the cost to run the pump is very very little, but you still lose heat energy from the water in the pipe. Pretty are to measure or calculate? Then again for some people $5 a month is too much to spend and for others $20 a month (still pennys a day) is well worth it. Thanks

- HARRY HOWARD (Brookfield, WI), 10/13/2017

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