Forum Title: Pipe against wall - how close is too close?
In need of a little advice. I'm working on a renovation project in our early 70's quad-level home. I'd like to cut and re-solder the pipe pictured below so that it is closer to the wall, but I'm unsure of what sort of space to leave between the copper pipe and the wall to ensure that the pipe does not freeze. The pipe terminates at an outside water spigot, and the wall it would rest against/near is above grade. This pipe used to be hidden by a wall (that I've eliminated), and I'm thinking I'll have to leave an access panel and frame around it somewhat, but I'd like for the bump out into the room to be as minimal as possible. How close can I take it to the wall (understanding that I'll need to leave the fitting and sweat in a 90 degree elbow). Is PEX a better option here if the pipe will be closer to the wall? I'm comfortable sweating copper, but want to make sure that I don't put it too near the wall that it might freeze. I'm in Colorado.
Category: Plumber Post By: EDUARDO MANNING (Port Orange, FL), 11/21/2016

leave it where it is, add a few tee's and short pipe, hang your house coat, on it

- JOAN MORGAN (Huntsville, TX), 09/13/2017

I'm wondering if this is because you have a frost proof spigot?

- JACOB GREENE (Avondale, AZ), 09/15/2017

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