Forum Title: Please help, smelly sump pump
I can NOT find a solution to this problem. We live in a house built in 1942. The laundry room is in the basement, the washer hose drains into the sump pump (not preferable but will cost an arm and leg to change it this as the pipe is underground.) We have lived here for 10 years and have noticed an awful smell coming from the sump pump on and off when I use the washer. Sometimes it is so bad you can smell it when you walk in the front door. I've had the sewer dept out-they said it is has nothing to do with the sewer system, and suggested I clean the sump pump walls with brush and some bleach. I have also put some drain build-up remove down the pipe that travels from the washer hose to the sump pump. Nothing helps. I think it has something to do with bacteria from the washer building up on the walls, or when there isn't enough rain water to keep it circulating?, but it comes back and back and back. PLEASE HELP! I don't want my house to smell like this anymore!
Category: Plumber Post By: LAURIE ESTRADA (La Mesa, CA), 05/30/2017

Here are some pics, hope these help. In the bottom pic, the red tile opening is the one the washer drains from. Let me know if you need another pic. Thanks for helping. (The sump pump is covered with plastic to help decrease the smell.)

- CHARLENE NORRIS (Dublin, OH), 09/12/2017

forget about the washer. the pit, what is draining into the pit ? from where ?

- ELMER WATTS (Irving, TX), 10/03/2017

explain in detail the system. what i am understanding, you have a foundation drain under your house. that drains into a pit, with a pump that kicks it outside. if this is true, then i would guess, the rock around the perforated piping under your house is saturated by wash funk water

- FRANK YOUNG (Whittier, CA), 10/07/2017

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