Forum Title: Relocating Toilet Flange?
Hi, I am building out a basement bathroom. To complete the design as intended, the roughed-in toilet flange must be moved approximately 14 inches. By doing this, I would be able to increase size of shower/steam room. Trouble is, it is set in a concrete slab with radiant heat installed. Given slab is four inches thick, it is likely Pex tubing would be compromised if I attempt to jack hammer concrete to relocate flange. As a result, I am considering raising floor level. Ceiling height in Basement is ten feet, so there is no issue with head room. The design would allow someone to enter bathroom at slab height. The vanity sink and shower stall would be located in this area at slab height. Then one would walk up one or two steps to raised platform where toilet would be located on a raised platform. Kind of a king's thrown/perch for sitting and contemplating while looking over the kingdom. Or bird watching. Three questions: (1) If I did this, what would be the best way to connect the relocated toilet flange (built upon a raised floor) to the original toilet flange? (2) How high would the floor have to be to accommodate relocated flange (offset is about 14 inches); (3) Would this be a ridiculous design element.? In photo, flange has to be relocated to approximately where DelMonte can is.
Category: Plumber Post By: SAMANTHA VALDEZ (Casper, WY), 03/20/2017

Good catch buddy!

- LOUISE HUGHES (Augusta, GA), 09/17/2017

you need to rethink the location of the toilet. your toilet from FINISHED wall to the center of the toilet, has got to be 15'' MINIMUM from side wall to center and, 12'' from plumbing wall to center. you have it drawn in. to close on th side wall

- FRANKLIN PARKS (Sherman, TX), 09/20/2017

Break up the floor. If you should cut a heat line PEX is very easy to repair.

- JO JOSEPH (Newport Beach, CA), 09/21/2017

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